Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quilling Easter Cards (3) - Felicitari de Paste

 Quilling Easter Cards (3) - Felicitari de Paste
Bunny is first mentioned in connection with Easter in Germany around 1600, due to the existing belief in some parts of the country, the belief that bunny bring red eggs on Maundy Thursday and colored the night before Easter.
  Strong colonization of the American continent , brought this belief, first arrived on the continent with German colonists.
  Easter bunny symbol will spread across America after 1870 and of course worldwide.
  Symbolism egg - rabbit has much deeper roots in ancient time and comes from Assyrians and Babylonians, worshipers of the goddess Ishtar, the goddess of fertility and sex site, whose symbols were the egg and rabbit camp.This goddess, celebrated spring was represented in some states with egg on your left and right rabbit.
  With the transition to Christianity Emperor Constantine the Great and the promulgation of the Edict of Milan, apparently by some sources, it was taken and this pagan holiday, the analogy is obvious Ishtar - Easter.
But get the theory, let's get to work .These are new cards with bunnies that I worked those days.If you like it or not, do not hesitate to contact me.A new model will be coming ....soon.




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